MEMBERSHIP: If you would like to participate in RAD Learning Lab, please contact the program directors, Catherine Teater Grube and Erica Daley, for a guest visit (see ‘contact me’ link above). We are selective about the families we accept into the program in order to maintain a cohesive and positive group of children, and parents who are positive and excited to participate in Community Learning. The intake process is as follows:

  • First; contact us and we will set up an initial interview and tour with both parents and children. We are looking for families that have read all of our program information, so please take the time to read everything at this website before requesting a visit.
  • Second; if all goes well with the interview, and we both decide to move forward, the child(ren) will be invited to participate in the class(es) of interest and free time with the other children.
  • Third; we will talk with the currently enrolled elementary thru high school children to see if your child(ren) seems to fit in well, and then make our decision, and inform you as soon as possible. This does not apply to the pre-k and toddler programs.
  • Fourth; we will have a second meeting with parents and children to welcome you into our program!

State Requirements: Please see all links on the ‘Resources’ page above for detailed information on Maryland homeschool requirements. Families must homeschool their own children, but you are allowed to share tutoring and share homeschooling with other families. You must meet with the county two times a year for a review of what your children are doing and if you are meeting the state requirements. RAD Learning Lab offers shared learning opportunities for children, and can help parents understand how to work with the county and state to meet all requirements at our second meeting.

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